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The SightRight Global Cue Sports Network is the Worlds first online coaching platform to help Snooker & Cue Sports Players develop their game.

Assess your current skill level with our unique player self assessment and coaching record. Learn to play like a champion with SightRight Technology and SightRight Coaching Methods via online Courses, Tutorials & Masterclasses.

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Develop a perfect pre-shot routine with perfect Sighting & Aiming, a perfectly aligned Stance & Cue Action to improve accuracy across your whole game.

SightRight’s revolutionary 10 Coaching Steps covering all technical elements of the game, including the proven SightRight Sighting, Aiming & Alignment tests & assessment will help you improve and develop your game, fast.

With our easy-to-understand online courses, tutorials and masterclasses, filmed live with our World Champions & Main Tour Professionals, you’re in the best place to improve your game.

Perfect Play Starts with A Perfect Method

The Pocket SightRight for Snooker & Cue Sports will help you start your journey to improving your game & always keep you online.
4 World Titles & A World Runner Up
SightRight technology and SightRight methods have taken professional players to multiple Ranking Titles, new World Records, 3 World Titles (2015 Stuart Bingham, 2018 Mark Williams MBE, 2020 & 2022 Ronnie O’Sullivan) & a World Runner Up (2021 Shaun Murphy).A Must Have For Your Cue Case
The Pocket SightRight is a must have for your Cue Case. As you develop & improve your game with our video courses, tutorials & masterclasses, it will help you ensure you always keep online.

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“The Best Technical Snooker Coach In The World”

Stephen Feeney, founder of SightRight has coached more than 45 Tour Professionals over 26 years including many greats of the game Terry Griffiths, Steve Davis, Mark Williams & Ronnie O’Sullivan.

The coach behind Stuart Bingham’s first 9 Titles and World Championship win in 2015, he was then instrumental in the rejuvenation of Mark William’s career with multiple ranking title wins and a third World Title in 2018, 15 years after his second. 

Stephen’s work with Ronnie O’Sullivan (2018-20) saw many records broken including 1,000 Centuries, a 7th UK Championship, surpassing Stephen Hendry’s Ranking Title (36) and Triple Crown (18) records – with 37 & 20 respectively – a return to World No.1 (2019), a 6th World Title in 2020 and a 7th record equalling World Title in 2022.

Stephen is the main reason behind the return of the 7x World Champion, Stephen Hendry to the main World Snooker Tour in 2020. Hendry considers the SightRight Coaching System to be the one best coaching method in the game today.

Click on the link above to Watch the BBC footage to understand why Ronnie O’Sullivan in commentary at the 2020 Masters referred to Stephen as “the best technical snooker coach in the World”.

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"We understand how big a milestone it is for a player to make their first Century break.

Make your first ‘100 Break’ using SightRight Methods and our Team will arrange to send you a personal video congratulations message from me, or one of our SightRight ambassadors. So, get practicing with SightRight - it’s the best coaching method in the game.”

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