What is SightRight

“Amazingly Simple, Wonderfully Complex”

SightRight Technology and SightRight Coaching has transformed and rejuvenated the game of World Snooker Champions, World Darts Champions & Ryder Cup Stars.

SightRight Technology

No-one, Player, Coach or Professional has passed all of the SightRight tests to date. Infact, not one non-SightRight coach, has passed these tests.

SightRight Technology enables our members to test and assess if they are sighting and aiming correctly, and to assess their Perfect SightRight Sighting Line.

A Player and the SightRight Coach to test and assess a players perfect SightRight Sighting Line.

This process is more complex than simply assessing an individual’s ‘eye dominance’ as has been the way for many years.

Pocket SightRight

SightRight Technology instantly enables a player to:

  • see for themselves if they are sighting and aiming perfectly in their pre-shot routine
  • learn how to immediately correct any error to ensure they are standing perfectly behind the centre of the cue ball on their individual SightRight Sighting Line in their pre-shot routine, every time before stepping into the shot.

SightRight Coaching Methods and SightRight 10 Coaching Steps, help a player make the transition from offline sighting/aiming and a misaligned technique (stance and cue action) to perfect sighting, aiming and technical alignment for every shot.

SightRight’s 10 Coaching Steps will help you develop a pre-shot routine with perfect sighting and aiming and a perfect stance and cue action, all aligned to your own ‘individual’ SightRight Sighting Line.

Using SightRight Methods in your game will improve your accuracy, result & performance and help you play like a Champion.

"SightRight is the one best coaching method to follow. It's a gamechanger"
Stephen Hendry MBE
7x World Champion