What is SightRight

“Amazingly Simple, Wonderfully Complex”

SightRight Technology and SightRight Coaching has transformed and rejuvenated the game of World Snooker Champions, World Darts Champions & Ryder Cup Stars.

SightRight Technology

No-one, Player, Coach or Professional has passed all of the SightRight tests to date. Infact, not one non-SightRight coach, has passed these tests.

SightRight Technology enables our members to test and assess if they are sighting and aiming correctly, and to assess their Perfect SightRight Sighting Line.

A Player and the SightRight Coach to test and assess a players perfect SightRight Sighting Line.

This process is more complex than simply assessing an individual’s ‘eye dominance’ as has been the way for many years.

SightRight Technology instantly enables a player to:

  • see for themselves if they are sighting and aiming perfectly in their pre-shot routine
  • learn how to immediately correct any error to ensure they are standing perfectly behind the centre of the cue ball on their individual SightRight Sighting Line in their pre-shot routine, every time before stepping into the shot.

SightRight Coaching Methods and SightRight 10 Coaching Steps, help a player make the transition from offline sighting/aiming and a misaligned technique (stance and cue action) to perfect sighting, aiming and technical alignment for every shot.

SightRight’s 10 Coaching Steps will help you develop a pre-shot routine with perfect sighting and aiming and a perfect stance and cue action, all aligned to your own ‘individual’ SightRight Sighting Line.

Using SightRight Methods in your game will improve your accuracy, result & performance and help you play like a Champion.

"SightRight is the one best coaching method to follow. It's a gamechanger"
Stephen Hendry MBE
7x World Champion