What Are SightRight's 10 Coaching Steps?

“Along with SightRight Technology, SightRight Methods will transform your game.”

Step 1 – SR Sighting, Aiming & Alignment Tests & Diagnosis

“Can you guarantee you are sighting a straight line of aim perfectly?”Stephen Feeney

To date, no-one has passed all SightRight’s Tests, and every player, Professional, Amateur, Junior & Coach tested so far were sighting and aiming across the line of aim they believed they were sighting perfectly.

These poor sighting errors not only lead to confusion and a bias in a players game, but also to poor alignment errors and bad habits in technique – stance & cue action.

Step 2 – SightRight Sighting Line

Where other Snooker & Cue Sports Coaches talk about Eye Dominance, we assess a players individual SightRight Sighting Line, where both eyes balance together to see a straight line of aim perfectly.

SightRight technology proves to a player how they see perfectly straight and how their eyes work together to see a straight line of aim accurately. SightRight technology lets the player see for themselves that they are doing this correctly.

Once a player knows their SightRight Sighting Line, they can use this information to make sure in their pre-shot routine that they are standing behind the centre of the cue ball in the correct position every time before they step into the shot.

Step 3 – The SightRight Step

From a perfect Sighting position in the players pre-shot routine, a step into the shot then has to be made to drop the butt of the cue on the line of aim the player has chosen when sighting and aiming. 

Learn the secrets behind the SightRight Pre Shot Routine and the SightRight Step.

Step 4 – SightRight Stance

Without Perfect Sighting / Aiming in your Pre Shot routine, a Players Stance can develop in any fashion, leading to misalignment & manipulation in the players Cue Action, resulting in poor accuracy, inconsistency and frustration.

A perfect SightRight Stance is easy for most players to form if they follow the correct process.

Steps 5 – Sighting Pots & Angles The SightRight Way

Players of all standards struggle to see many potting angles around the table due to poor sighting and alignment bias.

Our SightRight 10 Steps Home Theory Course will quickly help you understand the basic fundamental coaching principles of Line of Aim & Line Of Contact which seem to have been lost in other coaching practices.

You will learn to sight and aim accurately for all potting angles from your perfect SightRight Sighting Line to improve accuracy across your whole game.

Step 6 – SightRight Control Zone Drills

SightRight’s unique practice routines are designed to help the player embed their new SightRight pre shot routines to sight and aim perfectly for every shot.

These SightRight Control Zone Drills around the Blue, Pink & Black are essential routines to follow in the transition to using SightRight Methods as they help the player learn to see all angles within these routines perfectly. They form the basis of inplay development and further progress before progressing into SightRight’s specially designed accuracy practice routines in Step 10

These Control Zone Drill Routines also help the player develop an aligned technique, Stance & Cue Action to their SightRight Sighting line as they play.

Step 7 – SightRight Cue Action

SightRight Methods will quickly improve your Cue Action & alignment to your individual SightRight Sighting Line.

Most snooker & cuesports players throughout their amateur and/or professional career struggle to address and strike through the centre of the cue ball with consistent accuracy, imparting unwanted side spin on the cue ball, leading to many missed pots and poor positional play.

This session in our SightRight 10 Steps Home Theory Course will really help you learn how to find, address and strike the perfect centre of the cue ball with consistency. Your cue power, potting accuracy and positional play will improve dramatically.

Step 8 – Rest Play

Coaching Rest Play is far easier than many make out.

Following SightRight’s simple pre-shot routine for perfect Sighting & Alignment in your Rest Play will help you speedily improve this part of your game. 

Step 9 – Escaping Snookers

Escaping snookers become so much easier when a player is sighting and aiming perfectly. Perfect technical alignment and cueing then ensures accurate cue ball striking to send the cue ball exactly where you intended.

Step 10 – SightRight Practice Routines

Having worked all of the SightRight Control Zone Drills, these unique advanced SightRight practice routines are again designed to help the player embed their new SightRight Methods into their game for short, medium and long pots and safety play around the whole table.

These unique SightRight practice routines help a player transition from offline sighting and a misaligned technique and cue action, to perfect sighting & a perfectly aligned technique, Stance and Cue Action for every shot.

“Along with SightRight Technology, SightRight Methods will transform your game.” – Stephen Feeney, SightRight Founder