SightRight Is A Gamechanger, For All Cue Sports”

Stephen Hendry
7x World Champion & King Of The Crucible

Shaun Murphy 2005 World Champion

Get On Line With The Pocket SightRight
Only Available With A SightRight Course

Amazingly Simple, Wonderfully Complex

Sign up to our SightRight Course and you will be shown by Stephen how to use the Pocket SightRight to help you achieve Perfect Sighting & Alignment for every shot, to dramatically improve your accuracy.

Learn how to use the Pocket SightRight across your whole game in our SightRight 10 Steps Coaching Sessions.

The Pocket SightRight (with it’s Patented Sighting & Alignment Technology) will help you:

  • Assess Your Individual SightRight Sighting Line
  • Achieve Perfect Aiming In Your Pre-Shot Routine
  • Achieve Technical Alignment In Your Stance & Cue Action
  • Learn How To Use The Pocket SightRight Around The Table
  • Significantly Improve Your Long Potting.

A Must Have In Your Cue Case

Please note the Pocket SightRight is exclusively for personal use – for more information please visit our terms and conditions