SightRight’s What To Expect

Upon Signup

Upon signup and payment your payment confirmation will trigger our team to dispatch your Pocket sightRight, this can take up to 28 days to arrive though due to the current climate with Covid-19

Your induction Session Begins

Once payment is confirmed, you will be welcomed to our Player Members Club with a video from SightRight founder, Stephen Feeney. You will be asked to complete two questionnaires ahead of receving your Pocket SightRight and the commencement of your first session which will be unlocked 30 days following your payment.

Your Player History + Self Assessment forms are essential to track your development in the game over the coming months.

Your First Weekly Theory Session

Your first Weekly Session will automatically be available to you 30 days after your enrollment / Payment. These weekly theory sessions and cover the theory behind SightRight’s 10 Coaching Steps, ready for when our practical sessions become open after the lockdown. You will be able to learn and understand the theory behind Stephens coaching of the best players in the world.

When Clubs re-open, our Practical Coaching Sessions will become available to all our Members as part of your subscription. You will be able to see how Stephen coaches the World’s Top Players in SightRIght Methods.

“SightRight Shape Up” – Fitness & Nutrition Sessions

Your subscription also includes access to weekly Fitness & Nutrition Sessions which will run alongside SightRight’s Weekly Coaching Sessions.

These will be delivered by our specialist – Stephen Burke, who will take you through similar exercises and stretching routines that have helped World Champions. Cue Sports may not be physical contact sports, however, they do require physical endurance and body maintenance.

Fit Body, Fit Mind