2019/20 WDBS Player of the Season

SightRight are delighted to announce and congratulate Nick Neale our accredited SightRight Cue Sports Coach on his award for 2019/2020 WDBS “Player Of The Season“.

Nick is the second ever WDBS Player Of The Season, being recognised for the outstanding contribution to the WDBS.

He has been unbeaten within his own classification this year, a feat few WDBS Players are able to boast.

Stephen Feeney & SightRight has made believe in my game and there is a science behind it with no guess work


Nick Neale

WDBS Player Of Season

On behalf of Stephen Feeney & everyone at #TeamSightRight we congratulate Nick on his huge Achievement and Award.

There will be a Live Call between Stephen Feeney & Nick Neale tomorrow, talking about his Snooker Journey – you can view this on our page

Nick Neale huge Congrats & really proud of you my friend – still remember our very first Session when your dear wife cried at what I showed you with SightRight and how I believed I could help you learn to play great snooker again. You have since become a licensed SightRight Coach, made a 147, won many WDBS Events and now WDBS Player of the Season. You’re a star and have always recognised the Power of SightRight Methods


Stephen Feeney

SightRight Founder & Inventer

Nick is an Accredited SightRight Cue Sports Coach operating in Birmingham, UK. If you would like to enquire about booking Nick for a 1-2-1 coaching session, fill in the form below!

Read The WDBS Announcement Here

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